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Findlay Sledding Guide

Looking for a place to bring your kiddos when the first big snow falls? We’ve compiled a list of hills around Findlay...

Take it outside: Great Findlay area patios

Soak up the sun... visit these perfect patios!

Make it at Home! DIY Craft Recipes

Need some fresh ideas for fun? A few simple ingredients are all you need to mix up your own play dough, paint and more....

Farm Fresh Findlay – Farmers’ Market Roundup

A sure sign of spring’s arrival: flowers blooming, birds chirping, rain pounding, and, most importantly, farmers’ markets reopening with fresh produce. It’s time to...

Summer Camp Guide 2020

*With COVID-19, these summer camps are subject to change or be canceled. Please call ahead to confirm availability. It’s just starting to feel like spring...

Childcare and Preschool Guide 2020

Leaving your baby— whether your baby is 6 weeks old or 3 years old— with another caregiver can be incredibly tough (or a big relief!). We compiled a list of some of the best local centers and schools that will allow your child to learn independence and flourish in a school setting.

Roundup of Church Youth Groups

Your child can encounter Christ, develop their moral character, do good works, make new friends and more by joining a church youth group. Many...

Field Trip and After School Guide 2019

After the school day ends, keep your student learning and growing. The Findlay area offers numerous enrichment opportunities for children, including after-school clubs, classes...

Kids Eat Free… Or Almost, At Least!

This is our super special mommy-map for budget breakfast and food frugality. Enjoy!

Soak it Up!

A Round Up of Local Swimming Pools

March 2019 Child Care and Preschool Guide

Preschool vs. Childcare While the terms preschool and childcare are used interchangeably, and despite the fact that they share similarities, they are decidedly different. Preschool programs...

Parents Night Out

Fine food and good fun on a night out, with or without the kids— a Valentine’s date night worth singing about.