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Cultural Connections

Findlay’s Black Heritage Library wants to help you learn something new

Findlay's Black Heritage Library and Multicultural Center is focusing on virtual education during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the Black Heritage Library, at 817 Harmon St., Findlay, has not reopened to the public, Interim Director Jerome...
Before Tanya Schubert began teaching Japanese to Findlay High School students, she taught English to students in Japan.

Language And Culture Converge

FHS welcomes Japanese teacher and cultural liaison.

Shop with a Global Mission

Bluffton shop features fair trade items Just a short drive to Bluffton, Ohio provides shopping destinations that offer unique products and an opportunity to engage in ethically-conscious purchasing. Ten Thousand Villages, located on Main Street...
From left to right: Ethan Zheng, Emi Kawamura, Shane Reed, and Gabi Gazette.

Sharing Culture and Music

A group of Findlay High School students recently performed at a self-organized musical evening entitled “A Classical Piano Concert” at St. Andrews United Methodist Church in Findlay
Rachel Walter and her son Ezekiel

International Adoption Connects Mother And Son

When Rachel Walter was a little girl, she dreamed of adopting a child someday. Eventually, in travels for her former employer, the University of Findlay (UF), that desire was enhanced. On one visit to...
The Todd family. Back row: Brayden, Mike, and Isaiah. Front row: Bethany, Skylar, Audrey, Selah, and Jonah.

Welcoming A Daughter From China

There is a virtual hill to climb in order to adopt internationally, and it is comprised of sheets and sheets of paper and months and months of waiting. Audrey Todd, 39, of McComb, describes...