Black Heritage Center Hosts Community Diversity Team Meeting

Join the Black Heritage Library and Multicultural Center, 817 Harmon St., on March 3 from 7 to 9 pm for the Community Diversity Team Meeting.

The group meets on the first Sunday of each month to discuss the cultural diversity of Hancock County, working to strengthen inclusion and belonging.

“We are so grateful for everyone who shows up with their great ideas to help us promote hope, harmony and unity among different race, ethnic backgrounds and cultural heritage,” the group wrote on Facebook

The group is looking for a larger volunteer base to share ideas, spread cultural awareness and help plan events for the multicultural center. 


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“Our mission is to build community awareness, appreciation and understanding of the value of cultural diversity in Hancock County and surrounding areas. We are working on becoming what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. strived for, becoming a ‘Beloved Community,’” the center wrote.

The Black Heritage Library and Multicultural Center was founded in 1982. The library and multicultural center is a “treasure chest of cultural memorabilia, art items and antiques,” according to the website. The center also holds programs, events and and private tours. Many awards have been giving to the center including the Jaycees Distinguished Service Award, Red Apple Awards from Findlay City Schools and The Dr. Martin Luther King Peacemaker Award from the King Committee in Tiffin.

For more information on the Black Heritage Library and Multicultural Center, visit

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