Find Inspiration at the Writers Support Group

Whether beginners or seasoned, fiction, non-fiction, thriller, historical, romance or dystopian, the Writer’s Support Group is there for any writers of any background or genre.

The Writers Support Group, one of Findlay Hancock Public Library’s adult programs, meets every month at Coffee Amici, 328 S Main St., to connect and encourage local writers.

The group helps writers whether they have writer’s block and need some inspiration or simply want some company while they write. 


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Their first meeting of the year occurs Thursday, Jan. 4 from 6 to 7 pm.  Writers are encouraged to purchase a refreshment from the cafe, although it is not required. 

“Pretty much what we do is we all get together. Any writers are welcome so you don’t have to write in a particular genre. And we’re all just there to support each other,” Melody Flick, director of the Writers Support group, said. 

Writers can bring their own ongoing projects or write one of the provided prompts.

“Sometimes it’s hard to keep writing when you’re just by yourself,” Flick said.

The group also helps keep members accountable, Flick explained. “So if writers have questions about, ‘Where do I find a cover artist?’ Or, ‘How do I write about characters who are going through trauma?’ There’s just a bunch of authors there that you can talk to, and like get information from and it’s also really cool because what we tend to do most times when we meet is after we do a bit of mingling, we just sit down and write together.”

Following the January meeting, the group will meet on Thursday, Feb. 1, Thursday, March. 7 and Thursday, April 18. Follow the Findlay Hancock Public Library’s calendar for more meetings.

For more information on the Writers Support group, visit

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