Findlay’s 2023 Memorial Day Parade Introduces Taps Program

Findlay is celebrating Memorial Day by hosting a parade for all its residents to enjoy.

The Flag City will celebrate this federal United States holiday by honoring soldiers who fought for this country and died in the armed forces. This holiday is celebrated on the last Monday of May every year and is typically commemorated with a parade and time off of work.

Findlay’s Memorial Day Parade will begin at 10 am. At 9 am, right before the parade, there will be a Memorial Bridge Ceremony at the Veteran’s War Memorial at the intersection of Main Street and Center Street.

The parade will start in front of the American Legion on West Front Street. The route will then turn south onto Main Street, turn west onto West Main Cross Street and, finally, end at Maple Grove Cemetery.

There will be another short ceremony at the War Memorial inside the cemetery following the parade’s end around 11 am.

Findlay’s Memorial Day Parade is sponsored by Hancock County Veterans’ Council – specifically, Hancock County Taps Honoring Those Who Served. This program makes sure that a live rendition of Taps, the ceremonial bugle call, is performed at important military-based events or personnel funerals.

The group will be performing Taps at the Memorial Day Parade as a part of its official launch as a group. To commemorate the launch, the Hancock Leadership Class of ’23 will plan a brief ceremony

Hancock County Taps – Honoring Those Who Served, the program which seeks to ensure a live rendition of Taps, the ceremonial bugle call that signifies the end of service, is played at Hancock County military funerals whenever possible is appropriately launching as part of the Memorial Day Parade festivities on May 29, 2023. To commemorate the official launch of the program, the Hancock Leadership Class of ’23 is planning a brief ceremony.

Speakers from the Hancock County Veteran Service Office and Hancock County Taps founder, Carl Hayslett, will also speak. There will also be a discussion of plans for a new veterans monument, expected to be installed in Spring 2024.

Findlay’s veterans and residents want to connect with this Memorial Day Parade, which is free of charge and welcomes everyone.

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