Take a Winter Hike at Blue Rock Nature Reserve

Hancock Park District is holding a winter morning nature hike through Blue Rock Nature Reserve. The Hike is Jan. 27 and the event will start at 11 am for a quick one hour hike on the 11 acre reserve.

Hancock Park District is Hancock County’s primary organization for outdoor recreational events with responsibilities for parks and nature reserves and providing resources needed for the events that are organized by them.

The hike is free of charge and for all who are age 18 and older, with no need to register to be able to attend. On this hike participants can see a variety of winter plants, animals and birds as well as see the wetland and woods that is on the preserve.


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Some of the animals that you may get to see while on the hike are squirrels, Eastern cottontail rabbits and Northern cardinals. Some of the winter plants that can be found as well are cardinal flowers, winterberries and chokeberries.

The starting point of the hike will be at the Edgar Avenue parking lot. It is suggested that those who do attend are to be dressed for the weather accordingly.

For more information contact Hancock Park District at hpdparks@hancockparks.com or call 419-425-7275.

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