Totality of Eclipse Will Last the Longest in Findlay

On April 8, many cities in Ohio will be right in line for being under a total Solar Eclipse with Findlay being under the total eclipse the longest out of all locations in Ohio. Findlay will first see signs of the eclipse when the city enters the partial eclipse at 2:40 pm.

Other cities that will be seeing time under the eclipse include and are not limited to Cleveland, Bowling Green, Toledo and Dayton. All of these cities will see the partial eclipse around the same time as Findlay will around 2:40 pm.

Findlay will see the total eclipse starting at 3:10 pm to 3:14 pm in the afternoon for a total of four minutes. This is the longest span of time for the total eclipse in Ohio, whereas the other location are only going to see it for three minutes.


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There will be several locations hosting watch parties for the eclipse on the eighth such as Wine Merchant open at 10 am until 8 pm with special outside seating and eclipse themed drinks. Additionally, The Bourbon Affair opens at 11 am with Eclipse themed cocktails, and Alexandria’s Rooftop Viewing Party, limited to the first 75 people who purchase their $5 tickets but will be able to enjoy their eclipse specific cocktail menu.

All of these locations will be great destinations for viewing the eclipse. Don’t forget your eclipse glasses as looking without them can cause permanent damage to your eyes.

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