Barre Classes At Down Dog Findlay

Hollie Wolfinger
Hollie Wolfinger teaches Barre classes in a friendly and welcoming environment at Down Dog Findlay.

Hollie Wolfinger really missed practicing yoga when her favorite studio, Downtown Yoga, closed last year. When the opportunity to take over the studio location presented itself, Wolfinger jumped at the chance. Down Dog Yoga, opened last October at 219 S. Main St., currently offers Beginner yoga, Vinyasa Flow yoga, Barre and stretch classes.

Eager to give Barre class a try, I attended a Tuesday evening class taught by Wolfinger.

What is Barre?

Barre is a group fitness class utilizing a ballet barre, incorporating moves from ballet, yoga and pilates. “Barre is completely different from traditional yoga styles as it’s fast-paced, set to music and based on ballet. “I took a couple of Barre classes in the past, which made me think to myself, ‘Wow, this is so good!’” says Wolfinger, who decided to share her love of Barre by bringing it to Down Dog Findlay.

No heavy weights needed

The studio provided all items needed for the class: a light set of weights, a resistance band and a yoga mat. After a quick warm-up we spent about half of our time on the mat and half standing at the barre. The music selection was excellent with upbeat songs by Taylor Swift and Whitney Houston. Exercises included arm circles, leg lifts and planks, all done to the point where you fatigue the muscles. Barre proves you don’t need to use heavy weights to get a good workout with results. Those light weights don’t feel so light after a while!

Whether you are interested in Barre or Yoga, Down Dog Findlay’s mission is to be a safe and welcoming place. “Nothing brings me more joy than when we are in a yoga class and everybody is on a different level but everybody is getting what they need. That is the purpose of Down Dog Findlay,” says Wolfinger.

Down Dog Findlay offers classes taught by
Hollie Wolfinger and Monica Copeland.
For more information, or to sign up, go to or call 419-957-7405.