Local Teen’s Recipe For Success

A simple request for an Eggnog cake in 2017 became the catalyst that has taken Eve Marie Stump from “typical teen” to “young entrepreneur” status. Encouraged by the order, she decided to launch “Eve Marie’s Cakes” via facebook in January 2018. She has rebranded the business for 2019 and beyond as “The Baking Company by Eve Marie.” After what was an explosive first year, the hours and minutes of her typical day continue to be marked by school bells and the dinging of a kitchen timer.

Balancing business while enrolled as a student at both Liberty-Benton High School and in the Millstream Career Center’s Culinary Arts program can be tricky, but Eve has developed a schedule that works well and has allowed her to typically complete one or two cakes, or one cake plus one dozen cupcakes, each day.

Family support

When asked what advice she might have for teens thinking of beginning their own business, Eve emphasized the importance of “having a good support system” in place. During her freshman year of high school in 2015, her grandfather and the owner of Findlay’s Pilgrim Restaurant, Herb Stump, provided an outlet for her baking passion, allowing her to supply occasional cakes for his business. It was a customer of his who first requested a custom order.

Additionally, she has her dad, Gene Stump, to turn to for guidance and business acumen, as he operates Stump’s Fire Protection and Safety Equipment of Findlay. Practical help and loving support also come in a variety of forms from her mom, Tracy; older siblings, Levi and Evan; as well as younger sister, Ella Bleu.

Eve credits use of family recipes from her grandparents Garry and Judy Cramner, and derives other batters and flavors, “tweaked from ideas on the internet.” She makes adjustments to maximize quality and to allow for her own creativity. After winning “Best of Show” at the 2018 Hancock County Fair, her Peanut Butter Chocolate cupcakes are her best-seller.

On the rise

Her featured flavors for February are: Chocolate-Covered Strawberry, Chocolate-Covered Pretzel, Death by Chocolate and a White Chocolate Raspberry cupcake topped with a white chocolate shortbread cookie.

A line of gluten-free cakes is also available and has received high praise from gluten-intolerant customers.

No sheet cake orders, please!

Layer cakes and cupcakes will remain her signature style. Eve’s business is building upon itself. Plans are being made for a downtown Findlay storefront to open in the months following her high school graduation in May. She looks forward to the day her expanded business allows the gifting of her smile-inducing cakes to non-profits, charitable organizations and other members of the Findlay-area community.

Finding passion, keeping balance

Finally, Eve notes the importance of “balancing business with still being a teenager.” She enjoys hanging out with family and friends, shopping and cheering on fellow athletes at sporting events. She has been active on both the track and cross-country teams at LBHS.

The true inspiration of “The Baking Company by Eve Marie” may have been born as 5 year old Eve turned the pages of her Strawberry Shortcake Cookbook or opened the door of her Easy-Bake oven. “I’ve always loved baking!” Stump attests.

To order items, message Eve through the
Facebook page “The Baking Company by Eve Marie”
or email thebakingcompanybyeve@gmail.com

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