Experience Halotherapy in Findlay

Until recently, I thought the only stress-relieving salt in my life would come from popcorn at the movies or chips and salsa shared with friends. But that was before a visit to Journey Salon and Day Spa’s new halotherapy room had me shifting salt-intake from my tongue to my nostrils.

Located at 127 W. Hardin Street in Findlay, the spa’s newly created space aligns with co-owner Mandy Stevens’ vision. “I had a desire to pour into the lives of others and to provide beneficial breaks to those needing rest,” she says.

Her deep-felt purpose made it easy for her to decide to cut down on boutique space to create the room. What may not have been as easy, however, was covering the room’s floor with 2,000 lbs of pink himilayan sea salt. But after experiencing halotherapy on a family trip, husband and co-owner Ben, was equally driven to bring this service to the Findlay area.

Service with a smile

Two receptionists greeted me enthusiastically when I arrived and offered me complimentary beverages in Journey’s waiting room. I filled out some short forms, a standard requirement for the salon’s therapeutic services (which include sauna and massage sessions), and then deposited my cell phone into a locker hidden behind the front desk (I was given the key). For those resolved to loosen ties to technology in the new year, halotherapy offers the perfect reason to do that— phones are not permitted, due to the risk of salt damage Of course, patrons may also choose to leave phones in their vehicles or at home. Lack of those handy but omnipresent devices greatly enhances the relaxation benefits.

Designed for rest

Before entering the halotherapy room, slip-on shoe coverings were supplied as a way of keeping the salt pristine and as a protection for footwear. When it comes to the room, think pink! Clients are surrounded by the soothing color, from the feature wall’s soft glow to each granule of salt on the floor. I had a choice of two chaise lounge chairs. Each came with pillows, a luxurious white throw, and a side table with tissues and room for a beverage.

“A 45-minute session of silence can be intimidating for some, but the break from noise and technology was truly refreshing.”

Once situated and comfortable, I was engulfed by a jet-black “sky” and the opportunity to relax under a starfield of tiny lights. Instrumental music streamed into the room, and the only other sound was the soft, intermittent whir of the fan that dispersed the microscopic salt particles. Should either sound be a distraction, a complimentary package of earplugs rests on each table.

Dare to disconnect

A 45-minute session of silence can be intimidating for some, but the break from noise and technology was truly refreshing. As for returning patron and local high school teacher, Jill Schlarb, shares: “I enjoy the time to disconnect and relax. With no phone, fitbit, tv or even people, you truly take some time to breath and let your mind turn off for a few minutes. For me it’s complete stress relief. I also found that my skin was softer, although I did have to use lotion for a few days.” Of course, if you’d prefer a shared experience, bring a friend or significant other. The room can accommodate up to four people.

A history of benefits

As for the disbursed salt, it was barely perceptible. Studies leading to the creation of halotherapy began with doctors in Eastern Europe in the 19th century who noticed that miners working in salt caves rarely had respiratory issues and often looked younger than their peers. With that in mind, I took as many deep breaths as I could fit into my session. Those who have undergone two to three sessions a week report experiencing a boosted immune system and improvements of many respiratory and skin conditions. However, even one time, visitors have noticed the alleviation of both allergy and asthma symptoms. Information concerning health benefits and answers to other related questions can be found at journeysalonspa.com/services/halotherapy.

A special offer

Are you ready to unplug and seek out healthier life choices in the new year? At $35 per session, or $25 per session if scheduled immediately before/after any other spa service, Journey Salon’s halotherapy room is a unique place to kickstart a self-care plan.

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