Findlay Finds Themselves at 50 North Senior Center

For over four decades, 50 North has partnered with community organizations to offer numerous programs and services to support adults who are 50 and older, including nutrition, physical wellness, social activities and community outreach programs.

Their goal? Enrich the lives of older individuals, by supporting their independence and assisting them in navigating life’s transitions while simultaneously helping them to remain healthy and happy. With programs that promote optimal mental and physical health for older individuals, 50 North is supporting successful aging in the Findlay community. 

People sitting around a table
Community members enjoy lunch and conversation at the center.

50 North believes nutrition is an important part of staying active and involved, by maintaining the energy needed to do so. They offer many different nutrition services to ensure meals are accessible, including daily lunches at their cafe, frozen-to-go meals, curbside pickup and meal delivery options. 

The center helps to pair a great diet with the ability for seniors to stay physically fit. The wellness center is equipped with both cardio and strength training machines, as well as a three-lane track. They also offer group or individual training sessions and a full body hydro massage, all available through the wellness center membership. 

“I’ve always valued 50 North for the role it plays in my parents’ lives,” Julie Brown, a 50 North member, said. “But now that I’m newly retired, I am excited about how 50 North is helping my life too – with exercise, travel opportunities and new friends.”

To enrich the social aspects of life, different activities and events are available to help make the most of individual interests and friendships. Older individuals have the opportunity to learn something new while connecting with their friends or meeting new ones. From dancing and yoga to Bible study and flower arranging, everyone can find a fun way to stay connected. 

50 North logo
50 North is enriching lives and supporting independence.

Beyond physical and mental health, 50 North has a well-versed outreach department with licensed social workers available to provide information, referrals and act as advocates to help seniors and their caregivers navigate a wide range of needs. Members can utilize a range of services including counseling, financial assistance, health screenings, legal aid, medical equipment, transportation, support groups and more. 

Outside of the center, household and home maintenance services are also available to help older adults continue to live safely and independently in their own homes. Screened chore workers are available to visit all Hancock County homeowners 50 or older, to assist with minor home repairs, seasonal maintenance and household tasks. 

“50 North is a friendly place where activities from A to Z are available for us,” Larry Slaughterbeck, a 50 North member, said. “We are amazed at the gym, social opportunities, café and fellowship. The building is spacious, beautiful and without a doubt the finest in Ohio. Most importantly, the staff goes out of their way to make each visit special.”

Those who participate in 50 North programs can experience improvements in their physical, social, spiritual, emotional, mental and economic well-being. From retirement to changes in health and mobility, there is support available to the community’s seniors and their families during all of life’s transitions.

50 North. (419) 423-8496. 339 E Melrose Ave. For more information,

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