Fort Findlay Police Officers Take Low Income Children Shopping

Fort Findlay FOP Foundation’s annual Cops & Kids Go Shopping event was held Sunday, Dec. 10.

The program pairs low-income children with a Findlay police officer for a shopping spree at Meijer.

Participating officers spent their morning shopping with these children, given a $200 purchase limit for necessities and some toys to open on Christmas morning.

According to Lt. David Hill, the shopping spree would not be possible without donations from local businesses and community members, Hill explained. Thanks to their donations, 135 children were able to participate in the event.


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Community outreach programs like this foster a relationship between children and law enforcement.

“We want to make sure that they know that if there’s an issue they can come to us and we’re going to help them,” Hill said. “You hit that toy aisle and their eyes light up, it’s such a great time of year and a good feeling to be able to help them out.”

The foundation also has several other Cops & Kids events to unite the community, including Cops & Kids Get Creative, Cops & Kids Get Involved, Cops & Kids Go to College and Cops & Kids Go Back to School.

Fort Findlay FOP Foundation is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization to support law enforcement, active, retired and fallen members and their families as well as fostering a relationship between the community and their police officers.

For more information on Fort Findlay FOP Foundation or their Cops & Kids programs, visit

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