Tony’s Restaurant: Classic American Dining

The Short Course

Kid-Friendly: Definitely.
To Avoid a Wait: Make a reservation.
Noise Level: Varies.
Bathroom Amenities: Clean.
Kids Menu: Yes.
Anything Healthy for Kids: Yes.
Food Allergy Concerns: Ask the server or chef for information on allergens.

Findlay, seemingly, has a restaurant for every mood and craving. When the taste for American classics arises, Tony’s Restaurant is the place for you.

Stepping inside, you’re welcomed by photos of Findlay-born football superstar Ben Rothlisberger. Gleaming trophies herald Tony’s multiple wins for best ribs and neon signs add colorful shine to the casual interior. NASCAR and football memorabilia add to the décor while neutral shades of cream and blond wood create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Winding past the extensive salad bar (more on that later), booths line a center wall and divide the spacious dining area. Tables fill the middle while more seating lines the windows. The versatile arrangement proved important when a group of 12 entered and tables were easily pushed together to accommodate the large party.

Impressive salad bar and menu

The five of us settled into our table and a cheerful server arrived to take our drink order. As we looked over the menu, it became apparent that choosing our meals would prove to be a challenge. Test the award-winning ribs or carb-load with a dish of fettuccine alfredo? Endless trips to the salad bar or create a personalized pizza? Sample the “Douger” burger (a hamburger on a toasted garlic bun – yum!) or load up on an array of fried delicacies? And what about dessert – how could we possibly skip the Super Pearl Belgian Waffle? The kids faced their own dilemma choosing from standard kids’ menu fare to more unique options like BBQ pork, corn puppies, and the salad bar.

And let’s talk about that salad bar for a moment. Well known for having upwards of 40 options, Tony’s offers an impressive number of ingredients, side dishes, and even dessert on its salad bar. A huge bowl of crisp greens serves as the base, while an array of crunchy, colorful, and flavorful toppings awaits. Add hard-boiled eggs, diced ham, or nuts for protein. Pile on the tomatoes, carrots, or spinach to get your daily dose of veggies. Give your salad a touch of sweetness with dried cranberries or poppyseed dressing. Tired of standard salad? Sample prepared side salads including broccoli salad with bacon and a sweet dressing, pasta salad, or ham salad. And, before you’re completely sated, grab a scoop or two of the cookies and cream pudding!

While all three of our kids opted for a personalized pizza, Jeremy and I struggled to make a decision from the near endless choices. Our server checked back frequently, offered to answer questions, and I appreciated her patience as we debated the options. Ultimately, Jeremy decided to sample Tony’s famous ribs­—and wisely ordered a full rack since he’d certainly end up sharing with the rest of us! The girls both selected bacon and pineapple on their pizza while 10-year-old Leland chose sausage and bacon. I decided to give the taco pizza a try. Something about the mashup of taco flavors and a pizza sounded delicious.

Delicious food to fill the belly

Our snack basket arrived quickly after we ordered— perfectly timed to appease hungry bellies as we waited for our meals. The selection of fried classics included mushrooms, fries, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, and jalapeno-cheddar cheese corn nuggets. A side of marinara sauce offered a tangy touch for the breaded wonderfulness of the basket. As the five of us emptied the basket, Jeremy took his trip to the salad bar and returned with a sampling of the prepared salads and some fresh veggies to counter the fried appetizers. The broccoli salad and pasta salad didn’t appeal to the kids, but Jeremy and I liked the mix of flavors and textures.

Soon after finishing the appetizers, our main meals arrived— oozy, cheesy thin crust pizzas piled with toppings, a platter of ribs and loaded baked potato, and my own colorful taco pizza. We dug in. Jeremy offered bites of ribs around the table. Each of us snagged a bite— enjoying the tender, flavorful mouthfuls. A mild barbeque sauce added sweetness to the smokey meat. As the kids noshed on their pizzas, the thin crust sagged under the gooey cheese and toppings. Strings of melted cheese connected the pizza slice on the plates to the kiddos’ mouths while Jeremy and I preached the virtues of napkins. While the girls only finished two pieces each, Leland ate almost half his pizza before asking for more ribs! Jeremy introduced our reluctant, six-year-old, Mae, to the mix of flavors in a loaded baked potato which required him to give her a second bite. My taco pizza boasted the same thin crust topped with crisp lettuce, a sprinkling of cheese, and vibrant tomatoes for rainbow-like beauty. Beneath the fresh toppings, taco meat added a spicy jolt of flavor. With the abundance of toppings, it was tricky to eat, but I certainly enjoyed it!

Tony’s Restaurant

Throughout the meal, we each shared bites and enjoyed the variety of flavors – sweet and smoky ribs, cool lettuce, spicy taco meat, ooey-gooey cheese, fresh tomatoes, crispy pizza crust. Perhaps the only thing missing was the decadence of a pecan ball, a hot apple dumpling, or the scrumptious-sounding Sugar Pearl Belgian Waffle. But alas, it wasn’t meant to be. There will just have to be a next time…

Tony’s Restaurant
10280 US Route 224, Findlay
419-424-3100 |
“Tony’s Restaurant” on Facebook
Open Monday-Thursday: 11am-9pm
Friday & Saturday: 11am-10pm

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