Catch the Buzz! Hancock Literacy hosts Spelling Bee Escape Room

Have you ever wanted to participate in a virtual escape room with your coworkers and thought, “There’s just not enough spelling involved in this game!” Hancock Literacy has you covered.

The Findlay-based community initiative to promote lifelong literacy will be hosting a Virtual Spelling Bee Escape Room event on Wednesday, May 5 from 11am until 2pm. The event takes the place of its traditional Spelling Bee, which serves as Hancock Literacy’s largest annual fundraising event. 

The event will see teams of three participate in an interactive event where their spelling and problem solving skills will be put to the test in an effort to win. The group will meet in person but sign in online from a location of their choice.

The team that escapes in the fastest time will win the event and be crowned Virtual Spelling Bee Champions, earning a trophy and medallions (as well as bragging rights). It’s recommended that participating teams allot at least an hour of time to complete the game. 

If a team isn’t confident in its spelling skills or just wants to handicap an opponent, the event is offering three “cheats” that a team can employ over the course of the event. Options include subtracting three minutes from their total time, adding three minutes to an opponent or a “bee basket” filled with goodies and, perhaps, a helpful hint. Cheats cost participants $25 each or $60 for all three.

In addition to competing in the event, each team will receive a Fundraising page, where they are encouraged to campaign for donations for Hancock Literacy. An award for Top Fundraising Team will be given after the event. Registration costs $250 per team. If you want to sign up or want more information, visit