Discovering Psychology: Kid Edition

Finding a way for kids to learn about healthy eating and marketing can be a challenge, but the Psychology Department at the University of Findlay is taking education to a new level. Allison Kiefner-Burmeister, Ph.D., an assistant professor of psychology, is challenging kids and parents alike on the subject of psychology, saying “Our goal is to help children be healthy inside and out. Many of our studies focus on behavioral health and food marketing and how children interpret it.”

Allison Kiefner-Burmeister, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology
Allison Kiefner-Burmeister, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology

The Psychology Department has several studies currently underway for kids: behavioral health studies for ages 10-17, studies on prejudices and forming friendships for ages 4-7, and middle school studies on behavioral health and anti-bullying, are all something kids can learn from and take part in. Currently, the department is looking for participants for studies involving groups like girl or boy scouts, youth and ministry, as well as community members with kids.

Anyone who would like to participate is encouraged to contact Dr. Kiefner-Burmeister
at 419-434-4523 or by email at

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