Highlights@Home: A Free Email Subscription to Help with Teaching at Home

Highlights@Home, a FREE email subscription that provides parents and kids with fun learning activities while sequestered at home, is filled with stories, puzzles, videos, games, creative activities like crafts or recipes, physical activities and suggested acts of kindness. 

April content will include themes such as Find Your Funny Bone, We Are (All) Family,  Never-ending Piles of Fun, Every Day is Pajama Day, Check it Out: We Love Libraries, Staying in Touch, Just Keep Dancing, and Let’s Be Honest.

Every collection will include a video message for parents from Highlights Editor-in-Chief Christine French Cully, offering tips and inspiration for ways to create new at-home routines, strengthen family bonds and build memories that will last a lifetime.

Register for Highlights@Home at
highlights.com/email-sign-up. Links to each collection and downloadable content will reside on www.highlights.com/parents.

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