Losing Weight the "Right Weigh"

O.K., so just about everyone has “losing weight” as a New Year’s Resolution. Keeping that resolution would be a little easier, though, if you didn’t (like the average American) gain seven to eight pounds during the holiday season. A new, medically-based weight loss program, The Right Weigh, can help you face the food challenges of the holidays and achieve the lifestyle changes needed to keep pounds off and feel great. Designed and guided by a licensed dietitian, The Right Weigh is a division of Northwest Physical Therapy (NWPT) based in Ottawa, Ohio. Like the other
services provided by NWPT, The Right Weigh emphasizes personal attention and client satisfaction. It utilizes several assessments, including emotional, motivational, and physical activity, along with nutrition counseling, an online menu planning tool, and the support of exercise and fi tness professionals. 

The Right Weigh staff can send progress reports to your physician, make sure you’re planning nutritional meals, and provide support and encouragement every step of the way. Interested? You’re invited to a no obligation information session from 7PM-8PM at Northwest Fitness Club, Ottawa, on Thursday, November 18th. Reserve your spot by e-mailing therightweigh@northwestphysicaltherapy.com or calling 419-523-9553.

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