Time to Tap Maple Trees in Findlay

As Winter draws to a close and the weather begins to warm up, it is time to begin tapping the maple trees. Tapping is when you remove and collect sap from a maple tree to be used in the creation of maple syrup and sugar.

The Hancock Park District will be holding an event where participants will go on a short hike to tap some trees. Children and adults will have an opportunity to drill a tap into a tree by using a tool called a bit and brace.

The event is March 9 at 2 pm and will be held at the Riverbend Recreation Area in the Brugeman Lodge. Information will be presented about how to identify maple trees, why this is the only time of the year to tap trees and the type of tools needed.


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This will be the last opportunity to tap trees this year as tapping requires the temperature to be low enough to force the sap in the maple trees to go up the tree. This means that the winter season is the most opportune time to tap the trees and collect the sap with the freezing temperatures and spring marking the end of this time due to the rise in temperatures.

Any and all ages are invited to participate in the tapping of maple trees at this event and there is no registration needed to go.

For more information go to hancockparks.com/event/maple-tree-tapping.

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