YMCA Early Learning Center Builds Children’s Future

The YMCA Early Learning Center builds a solid foundation for children’s future and teaches them values of community, respect and responsibility that lays a strong foundation for their academic success.

The YMCA provides many different opportunities for children and offers a variety of different learning activities to build and strengthen their minds. The Early Learning Center provides full year round day care for children 6 weeks to 5 years old. Daycare services are also provided in the summer for ages 5-11 years old. The Early Learning Center provides full and part time daycare for parents. 

During daycare hours, the staff will teach the children with learning, problem-solving, planning and investigating. The staff will also ensure that the children spend quality time with their peers to guarantee their development in social skills. 

During the summer, the YMCA Early Learning Center has many different summer camps for kids to have fun and try new things. This program includes discovery, leadership, traditional, preschool and educational camps. These camps ensure that kids have a fun break from school but also engage their minds and help them build their skills. This program also goes off a rotation schedule so that each child gets to explore and experience new experiences. 


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During these camps, the YMCA wants to ensure that each child feels like they belong and wants to make them feel comfortable in the environment. The YMCA wants to shape the kids to become good and respectful peers and friends. These goals are achieved through team building activities and establishing good people skills. 

As a whole, the YMCA strives to include christian values into every day learning and hope that the things that the kids learn in the program will carry on to their future. Their focus is youth development, social duty and healthy living. The YMCA also strives to include their core values in everything that they do. These core values that they uphold are caring, honesty, respect, responsibility and faith. 

All of these different opportunities and activities are meant to carry on not only in the kids’ childhood but to build their future as respectable people. The YMCA wants to make sure every child is included and each staff member strives to do their job to the best of their ability. The YMCA has created their mission to shape young minds long ago that still lives on today and will still live on in the future.  

For more information on joining visit child-development-center or call 419-422-4424.

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