A Heart-Pumping Holiday

Experts recommend that children engage in 60 minutes of physical activity each day. During the dark days of December, it seems like Mother Nature doesn’t necessarily agree. It’s hard to find ways to be active in the winter. How can you visit a playground or ride a bike in 20-degree weather? This mama doesn’t! Nevertheless, physical activity— aka “wearing my kids out”— is important for a variety of reasons and can provide some major inspiration for holiday gift giving.

For more than just muscles

Can’t kids just have a few months to chill out when it’s chilly out? Not really. Because active children learn better. They sleep better. They manage stress and emotions better. Physical activity boosts mental focus, the immune system and self-esteem while also battling anxiety and depression.

So the better question is why wouldn’t we want to give our children these gifts? Especially considering the fact that physically active children are more likely to become physically active (translate: healthier) adults.

So when you pick up a magazine during the holiday season and see those articles encouraging “experience gifts,” jump on the bandwagon and raise it a few heartbeats by focusing in on experiences that include physical activity. Whether it’s the actual activity or the gear kids need to get moving in a fun way, the options for activity-based gifts, like paying for sports equiptment, gym memberships and athletic classes, are nearly endless. Besides, who needs more toys to clean up?


Local Places to Get Kids Active

Findlay Family YMCA
300 E. Lincoln St.
“Findlay YMCA” on Facebook

Rolling Thunder Skating & Family Fun Center
2225 Keith Pkwy.
“Rolling Thunder Skating & Family Fun Center” on Facebook

The Cube
3430 N. Main St.

AMF Sportsman Lanes
616 Trenton Ave.
“AMF Bowling Co. (Sportsman Lanes, OH)” on Facebook

Flashover Indoor Sports
11600 County Rd. 99
“Flashover Indoor Sports” on Facebook

Hancock Park District
1424 E. Main Cross St.
“Hancock Park District” on Facebook

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