Healing Holistically

Celebration of Health Association’s natural approach to treatment

Terry Chappell, M.D., is a family physician with forty years of experience in treating patients. He started Celebration of Health Association in Bluffton with an emphasis on reducing pain without medication. Chappell, Medical Director and owner of the practice, is the primary doctor working with nurses and office staff.

Minimizing side effects

After a trip to Appalachia where opioid use was high, Chappell began looking at other ways to reduce pain without side effects or dependence. Utilizing alternative treatments such as acupuncture, Chappell found success in healing and relieving discomfort for his patients without medication. Today he offers a wide variety of natural treatment options along with conventional methods. “Pain relief and fatigue are common ailments that our practice treats. We often times use conventional medicine, we just try to minimize the side effects. Our priority is to improve a patient’s function.”

Fifty five percent of Americans take prescription medicines and most take more than one. Medications can be life saving but they often also have side effects. Chappell explains that most doctors don’t realize how effective natural methods can be. “They really do work. You just have to know how to use them,” he explains.

Dr. Chappell
Dr. Chappell

Variety of treatments

Chappell and his staff have a variety of alternative treatment options available. They utilize high dose nutrition therapy to reduce pain and inflammation. Neurofeedback, or brain wave mapping, is used to increase focus and attention by monitoring and correcting irregular brain waves in patients. Chappell is also excited to offer chelation therapy, which may improve circulation and hardening of the arteries through a series of slow intravenous infusions of a synthetic amino acid (EDTA). A full list of natural treatment options are listed on the Celebration of Health website at healthcelebration.com.

Chappell explains that each patient is unique and there is no “one size fits all” approach to medicine. Celebration of Health Association treats people of all ages, including children. The practice offers a free phone consultation for those interested in treatment questions concerning a particular health issue.

For more information, go to healthcelebration.com
or call 419-358-4627.

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