Four Findlay Families Receive “Best Christmas Ever”

Best Christmas Ever, a charity organization went above and beyond to give four Findlay-area families a holiday to remember.

The holidays can be tough when going through hard times. The organization works to give families that are experiencing hardships an extra special Christmas.


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Best Christmas Ever has given to families that have lost their homes in house fires, are suffering medical conditions or have recently lost a loved one. 

Families are nominated by the community to receive the Best Christmas Ever.

gifts under tree
Photo provided via Best Christmas Ever Hearts of Gold Facebook.

It’s about giving a well-deserving family a SURPRISE and a moment to forget about everything else they are dealing with whether it be a medical condition, loss of a family member or sudden hardship,” the website explains.

The surprises are custom to each family’s current situation, making the Christmas surprise extra special.

Donations from the community and area businesses make the giving possible, according to Jaclyn Pessel of Best Christmas Ever.

“You get more out of giving than you do receiving, and you can see by how many people were here that people want to give and to help and there’s so many good people out there,” Pessel told WFIN

Best Christmas Ever is a national 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a mission to give families a custom and unique Best Christmas Ever who are going through hardships. Ohio has two chapters including Findlay and Cleveland. 

For more information on the Findlay chapter of Best Christmas Ever, visit

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