Local Business Profile

Molly Maid of NW Ohio, Findlay, Sandusky and Fremont

Business Owner: Cyrus Connors

Molly Maid of NW Ohio, established in 2013, provides professional cleaning services for local homes. As the “Maid for You,” Molly Maids gives busy families the gift of time by relieving them of the time-consuming task of cleaning.

What do you love most about your job?
Meeting our customers and getting to know them. It is all about relationships. It is not just ability, but likeability, that is important.

How do you become a better you?
A famous person once said that: “You can learn a lot by just listening.” That includes listening to our customers, our people, and our suppliers.

What are you passionate about right now?
Since my staff and teams are women, I am passionate about helping reduce domestic violence. I have seen first-hand the impact on some of my people, and how it is such a downward spiral. I personally donate and my teams help raise funds and supplies for The Cocoon Shelter in Wood County.

What do you enjoy the most about doing business in Findlay/Hancock County?
Findlay is a very well organized and progressive city. People are very friendly and enthusiastic. There is a great assortment of places to eat and things to do. Also, Hancock County is very competitive with sales tax being the lowest in the region. Sales tax is required on cleaning services in the state of Ohio.

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