Dark Horse Restaurant

A Delicious Stop for Breakfast

The Short Course

Kid-Friendly: Definitely
To Avoid a Wait: Call ahead or visit at on off-peak time
Noise Level: Varies
Bathroom Amenities: Clean
Kids Menu: Yes
Anything Healthy for Kids: Yes
Food Allergy Concerns: Ask the server or chef for information on allergens.

Over the river and north of town, a gem of a restaurant awaits. The Dark Horse Restaurant opened in 2006 promising the best breakfast in town. It’s a big claim for such an unassuming place–especially given the number of quality breakfast joints in Findlay! Surely such a bold statement is worth a thorough investigation.

Comfortable dining area

And so it was on a cloudy winter morning that we visited the Dark Horse. The dining area is comprised of two large rooms. Bench seating along the walls and tables of all sizes filled the space. White walls were accented with televisions, signs noting meal specials and some playful, diner-inspired décor. Black and white tables and chairs give the space a retro feel while red accents liven up the look. Behind the bar, a solid red wall is an additional vibrant pop of color. A trio sat at one table and two other tables had diners as well. Three men chatted at the bar. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly.

As we sat down, our server buzzed over to the table and took our drink orders while reminding us that all breakfast orders needed to be made by 11am. As she left to retrieve our drinks, we looked at the menu. And what a menu it is! From breakfast sandwiches and hearty breakfasts to breakfast pizza and a section dubbed “Breakfast in Mexico,” the choices are impressive. Well-loved favorites appeared alongside Scotch eggs. Items usually found on Mexican restaurant menus (burritos, chimichangas and quesadillas) are recast with breakfast ingredients. Meanwhile, “Sides & Such” offered additional intriguing options including smaller portions of other meals. Our server visited the table several more times before we felt ready to make our selections. Before we did, however, we ordered a mimosa and a spicy Bloody Mary. Yep, Dark Horse has those, too.

It’s also worth noting that the Dark Horse is not just a breakfast place. The restaurant serves food all day long, with a delicious menu of appetizers, soups, salads, entrees, Italian specialties, sandwiches and burgers–a wonderful variety.

Order breakfast by 11am

Just before the clock struck 11am, our server visited one last time and we ordered a long list of items–Scotch eggs, a side of corned beef hash, a veggie omelet, a chicken chipotle omelet, and the chicken fried steak. Bread choices included sourdough, biscuits, and English muffin. With that tantalizing array of dishes, we ordered something for everyone — a vegetarian option, a Mexican dish, and a diner favorite.


When our dishes arrived, Jeremy and I immediately commented on the generous portions. My omelet nearly filled the entire oval plate while his country fried steak was almost covered by a more than ample serving of gravy. And on every plate, large piles of hash browns filled the remaining empty space. Armed with a hearty appetite, we dug in. The corned beef hash offered classic texture, crispy edges, and saltiness that I remember from my childhood. Jeremy sliced open the Scotch egg to reveal its layers of flavor – a hardboiled egg housed within a casing of sausage, battered then deep fried. The sausage was delicious – salty and crispy in all the best ways. (And, notably, it disappeared!) My veggie omelet was bursting with beautifully sautéed fresh veggies. During my pregnancy with Leland – eleven years ago – I lost my love of mushrooms, but the omelet reignited that former love with a whole new passion. Perfectly cooked and incredibly flavorful, those mushrooms also played a starring role in the chicken chipotle omelet, as a perfect balance to the spicy, smoky chipotle sauce.


Jeremy’s chicken fried steak delivered on the Dark Horse promise of “Best Breakfast in Town” (aka B.B.I.T.) with its crispy breading, tender steak and delectable sausage gravy. Jeremy’s opinion on the dish? Simply stated, “delicious.” High praise from a man who loves sausage gravy, sampling it wherever he visits!

B.B.I.T. indeed

The Dark Horse delivered on their bold claim. Not only did their food please my breakfast-loving husband, but I also loved it ( a girl who prefers a strict diet of coffee and chocolate for breakfast. No, I’m not kidding). Those proclivities made us the perfect pair to test the Dark Horse’s claim of “Best Breakfast in Town” – and declare them a winner.

4136 N. Main St., Findlay
“Tony’s Restaurant” on Facebook
Open Monday-Saturday: 7am-10pm
Sunday: 8am-3pm

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