Mayor Muyrin Teasing Big Announcements

Mayor Christina Muryn had her third State of the City Address at the end of last month. Mayor Muryn had announced that the city was awarded $276,000 grant from the Ohio Division of Forestry Urban Forestry Grant program.

The money will be used to plant 300 trees and complete risk assessments and treatments on existing trees including the use of $100,000 from its American Rescue Act Funds (ARPA) for trees. The ARPA money is being used to offer city residents free trees planted by city crews.

This will also help create a tree planting plan and update the city’s Geographic Information System with data on the city’s tree canopy.


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Another thing that was announced at the address was that the Flag City Sluggers, a Great Lakes Collegiate Summer League team, will take the mound in the summer of 2025 and play about 15 home games yearly at the Marathon Diamonds, 3420 N. Main St.

Other announcements from the address are incoming significant changes to the Findlay Village Mall Property, 1800 Tiffin Ave. and more recreation and event opportunities.

A major announcement that was more or less teased was the the Black Swamp Combinator, which would make Findlay/Hancock County the energy hub of the Midwest, is also expected from the State of Ohio in the coming weeks.

Daily city operations will be undergoing some operational changes going from a capital planning of five years into 10 years. This will also implement assessments of all of the city’s facilities and their large systems to ensure that they are being appropriately maintained.

Economically the city has made roughly $2.1 billion in capital investments have been made in the community over the past decade.

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