Meeting Mask Demand: Local Businesses and Individuals Fulfill A Dire Need

In five short months, masks have gone from being something most of us saw on an infrequent basis to a daily necessity as our country navigates the Covid-19 pandemic. Several factors are important in considering which masks to purchase, including comfort, fit, and style. Additionally, ease in buying them is essential, as we find ourselves home more than we’ve ever been. Thankfully, there are wonderful local options in the Findlay area for finding masks suited to a variety of tastes. In no particular order, here’s a list of some merchants who sell these items.

Flag City Clothing

Flag city logo

521 S. Main St., Findlay,
Flag City’s array of options includes their most popular mask, the Allmade Allmask, available in four colors with a nose piece that helps prevent fogging of glasses. They can also do custom masks for your community/event/school. Since Governor’s DeWine’s mandate that all K-12 students will wear masks was announced, Flag City has generously decided to donate 500 masks to area children. They also have a product option on their website where customers can choose to purchase a mask for donation. Their youth masks come in black, hot pink, royal, red, and charcoal colors.

Youth flag city

Trends! on Main 

trends! on main

501 S Main St., Findlay,
Trends sells masks for both children and adults. For the style-savvy, their patterns change weekly as they get new ones all the time. They also have face shields available in a hat format and glasses design. Masks and shields can be purchased at their website or in-store.

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Smarty Pants Findlay

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618 S. Main St., Findlay,
Smarty Pants is currently selling both youth and adult masks in-store and on their website. They also carry face shields for children and adults (adult shields will soon be on the website). They also sell lanyards for those who want to keep their mask handy while not wearing them.

City Apparel


120 Bentley Court, Findlay,
City Apparel is proud to have pivoted quickly and made some fantastic partnerships both with the end user and manufacturers to develop and sell masks. They’ve found that masks should have a minimum of 2 layers, and the layers should be 100% cotton or close to it. If the mask is a flat design, a nose wire is important, as that way the mask fits snugly to the face.  They’ve found a 3D design is the most popular and naturally gives a nice fit with a little space to breathe. They’ve also found that adjustable ear loops are really crucial to the fit, and are primarily all they sell. Additionally, City Apparel offers a facemask that is transparent around the mouth, helping with seeing facial expressions and communication.  A face shield is also a great solution when a mask is not a good option for the wearer.

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Andrea’s Creative Butterflies
This merchant has been selling masks steadily on her front porch, and her sewing skills have allowed her to create masks for youth and adults, and also with extenders, if needed.

Love Stitches b/s/t 

Alycia Johns is active in this public Facebook group, Love Stitches b/s/t, selling masks she’s sewn herself in a variety of prints and sizes.

Know of anyone else local making masks? Please send their information to