Kiwanis Club joins EnChroma to give Findlay-Area children colorblind glasses

The Kiwanis Club of Findlay is partnering with EnChroma, a leading producer of color-blindness eyewear, to give local children glasses to see with normal color-vision. They will be the first Kiwanis Club in the United States to do so, granting about 500 students in Hancock County the ability to view the full spectrum of color. 

In the county’s 26 schools, about four percent of students can only see 10% of all kinds of color, while non-color-blind students can see the whole range of over a million colors. By providing them with EnChroma glasses, they will have the opportunity to fully experience the world and school activities. EnChroma glasses can give a more distinct and full perception of colors so students can view them as vibrantly and accurately as possible.

Frustrated students will soon be able to quickly put on the glasses and no longer be confused when looking at homework where color identification is necessary, allowing them to focus more on learning and less on deciphering colors. For example, they can help with distinguishing between color combinations like red and green, gray and pink, and blue and purple. If someone normally sees pink as gray, EnChroma glasses can help them see the true color.

The Kiwanis Club’s partnership will be a huge improvement for not only schoolwork, but life outside of school as well. Viewing the full color spectrum improves experiencing attractions, museums, movies, the outdoors, and other activities where color is an important aspect. Seeing the world in a rainbow like never before is a life changing experience, part of what the Kiwanis Club hopes to make accessible to local children. 

In the Club’s partnership with EnChroma, parents can use a discount code on the EnChroma website to purchase personal pairs of glasses for their children in addition to the glasses that will be provided in local schools. Students can borrow glasses from classroom kits to assist in any work involving color. At the end of June, five local color-blind children were given glasses, just the beginning of what the Club is set to accomplish.

They are currently looking for donations to purchase the school kits, and anyone looking to donate can contact Kiwanis Club of Findlay president Shannan Connelly at 419-788-2308.

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