Drink Your Veggies at JK Juices

One of the most important aspects of health and wellness involves what we put into our bodies. Eating more fruits and vegetables while cutting back on highly processed sugary foods is easier said than done. JK Juices make that transition both easier and more convenient. By offering a variety of organic, unpasteurized cold pressed juices with purposeful ingredients, a bottle of juice from JK tastes good and is good for you.

About JK Juices

Sister duo, Jordan Rosendale and Lauren Mattice, grew up in a health-conscious family with an appreciation for wholesome ingredients. They started their juicing business in 2013 in the back of a popcorn shop. The duo then purchased an old ice cream truck which they converted into a juice truck and grew their business for three years. Rosendale and Mattice then secured a storefront at 117 E. Crawford St. in downtown Findlay, where they opened the doors this past August.

What makes JK Juices unique?

Everything in the JK Juices store has been made that day or the day before. Juice sold in grocery stores must be pasteurized, which kills many of the live enzymes and nutrition. But JK Juices does not pasteurize, retaining all of those healthy components. Their ingredients are organic, simple and purposeful. The herbs used in Strong Green and Strong Beet flavors reduce inflammation and enhance your immune system while adding a yummy flavor kick. And JK Juices also sells healthy treats. Their doughnuts come in two flavors (lemon and chocolate) and are 100% vegan, gluten-free and organic.

“Our slogan is ‘drink your veggies.’ Juice is an easy way to get two to three pounds of produce in one bottle. We don’t add anything to it like sugar or water; it’s just fruits and vegetables. We are a convenient, healthy option,” explains Rosendale.


Trying the product

To be honest, I could not decide between trying a vegan chocolate doughnut or a fall juice shot. Both options were $4 and sounded SO good, but the juice won out (since it is a juice shop, after all). The fall shot included pumpkin, ginger, orange, cinnamon and apple. Since I love pumpkin spice, it is not surprising that I thoroughly enjoyed every sip. The ginger gave the fall flavors a pretty big spice kick so a two-ounce shot was the perfect size. Rosendale explained that I would probably feel an energy boost from the juice that is similar to drinking a cup of coffee. While there was no noticeable energy kick, I did not experience my typical mid-afternoon slump that day, which felt pretty spectacular. Oh, and I will most definitely go back soon for a vegan doughnut.

JK Juices is located at 117 E. Crawford St. in downtown Findlay. For more information go to jkjuices.com or follow “JK Juices” on Facebook

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