Photoshoot for breastfeeders in Bluffton

From late night pumping sessions to soreness everywhere, breastfeeding is no easy task. Yet in 2022, breastfeeding has become a highly politicized issue from outlawing it in public to taking down social media posts with it. Two empowering women have joined together to break this stigma.

Kate Hayfield, Birth Doula, and Beth Theil, photographer, have teamed up to create a breastfeeding photoshoot at Buckeye Park in Bluffton, Ohio. According to their Facebook event page, every type of breastfeeding mother is welcome including but not limited to “nursing moms, chest-feeders, pumpers, breastmilk bottle-feeding mom, tandem feeding moms, donor milk feeders, extended breastfeeders, pregnant moms planning to breastfeed.” 

Beth Theil will be taking the photos at the waterfront. Hayfield has reminded us that even though it’s a small climb to the main location, she will help any moms and children get there safely. Mothers can meet up at 561 N. Main St., Bluffton, on Sunday, July 30th at 5:45pm. 

Participants will move to the photography location at 6pm after everyone has arrived and begin taking pictures at 6:15pm for a very powerful photography session. Start off World Breastfeeding Week with Beth Theil and Kate Hayfield’s fifth annual celebration, as this event falls right before the beginning of this honorary week of August 1st to August 7th.

Kate Hayfield has worked as a professional birth Doula for Findlay and the surrounding areas for many years. She attends Doula meetups and is a certified Lactation Counselor. She also gives free consultations about her birth doula services. Interested? Check out her Facebook page.

Beth Theil has accumulated a wide portfolio from her work as a professional photographer. Private sessions with her business Beth Theil Photo can be made by calling her at 419-310-2016. You can reach her website at

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