Get rid of old tires at recycling event on June 25

Many waste haulers don’t accept old tires for trash pickup, making them difficult to dispose of. Goodyear/Cooper Tire and Rubber Co is teaming up with the Hancock County Solid Waste Management District for a Tire Recycling Day being held on Saturday, June 25.

The event will be held in the back lot of the Educational Service Center at 7746 CR-140 in Findlay from 9am-noon. Any Hancock County resident at least 16 years of age can bring up to four tires to be recycled.

All tires must be 17 inch or less and must be off the rim to be recycled. In addition, proof of residency in Hancock County must be provided.

Tires in general are a difficult product for waste disposal, given the number produced and their size, as well as creating landfill problems that can cause environmental damage. Efforts continue to be made to find alternative uses for discarded tires, including as construction materials, artificial reefs and even in some cases as fuel.

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