Ohio Valentines will love M&Ms the best, study finds

Ohioans are most fond of the classic shell-coated chocolate candy M&Ms, while our neighbors to the north in Michigan prefer Skittles, and Indiana, Kentucky and Pennsylvania residents like Kit Kat the best.

These findings, released just in time for Valentine’s Day, are the result of a study conducted by Top Agency, ranking the favorite candies of residents in each continental state of the union.

The poll found that M&Ms were the most popular candy in 20 U.S. states, the most in the survey, while 17 preferred Skittles. Only five states named Kit Kat their favorite, good for third place. 

Our dentists might not be pleased with some of the study’s other findings. Demand for candy has risen 47% compared to 2021, and over half of those surveyed said they ate more than ten candies in one month.

To view the full report, visit topagency.com.

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