Schoolhouse Rock Live Rolling to Findlay

Debuting in the 1970s with “Three is a Magic Number,” the Emmy-Award winning Schoolhouse Rock franchise has been educating kids, with catchy songs and goofy animations, on a wide range of topics like conjunctions, branches of government, and the solar system for decades.

Schoolhouse Rock takes the stage
Adapting the animated series into a live musical performance, Schoolhouse Rock Live keeps the educational spirit alive for future generations. The premise of the show lies in an anxious school teacher who isn’t sure how to excite his kids about learning on his first day of school. As he turns on his television, an epiphany of the three sides of his personality emerges as the characters show him how to use his creativity, imagination, and musical ability to win over his students. 

With classics like “The Preamble,” “Zero, My Hero” and “Conjunction, Junction,” the musical performance will educate younger audiences in the targeted age range of grades 1-5, while also providing adults with a sincere sense of nostalgia. 

Ticket Information
Schoolhouse Rock Live had its inaugural performance in Chicago, IL and has now made its way through the Midwest to Findlay. On Sunday, February 20th at 2:00pm, make your way to the Marathon Center for the Performing Arts to see the show in person. Tickets are $20 for adults and $14 for students and children and can be purchased at the Marathon Center website.

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